#DIYPR: Become the Leading Expert in Your Industry

With so much competition in your industry, it can seem next to impossible to stand out against everyone else.  Whether you do-it-yourself or hire a professional, PR is a great way to boost awareness around your business and use your business experiences to advance yourself as an expert.

Below are three options to share your knowledge to generate some buzz for yourself or company:

Guest Post

One way to tout your expertise and build awareness around your business is through guest post opportunities. Research blogs and outlets in your industry to see if they accept guest posts and submit your own

content. Many outlets have guidelines and typically look for content that is original (n

ot published anywhere else) and non-commercial (is not blatantly plugging your business).

There are also many outlets for entrepreneurs that feature a variety of business stories, challenges and tips from other entrepreneurs. Some are more profile or Q&A based, such as MO, while others, such as EntreRev, allow you to contribute posts highlighting your best tips and offering solutions for other business owners.

New to blogging and writing? Publish your own blog to hone your skills and offer your own tips and prose. Once you developed the knack, reach out to blogs and sites in your industry about contributing.


Speaking Events

Participating in speaking events and keynotes can also be a vehicle to share your expert knowledge; here are a few options you can look into:

  • Schools: Look into guest lectures at nearby universities and campuses in your area. Educators are often looking for entrepreneurs to share their business stories with students, providing you with a ready-to-learn audience.
  • Meetups: Chances are there are groups in your area already specifically for your industry, business owners looking to network or varying interest groups. Browse through Meetup.com and contact group owners about speaking at their next events. Or, start your own group and plan events for members—it’s a great way to share your business and to network!
  • Industry Conferences: Research upcoming conferences in your industry and apply as a speaker. Tip- Most large conferences book speakers early, make sure to give yourself ample time to apply, or set a note on your calendar to apply for the following year.


Become the Go-To Expert

Use H.A.R.O. (Help a Reporter Out), the free PR resource in which journalists submit queries allowing sources to respond. It is an incredible tool (and did I mention free?!) to help garner placements within a number of industries and outlets.

The Q&A platform, Quora.com, can enable you to use your knowledge base to rise to the top of your industry as an expert by allowing you to answer questions on a variety of topics and interests. Be sure to fill out your profile with your background and expertise and add a profile image to make yourself more personable.

Besides being the top professional social network, LinkedIn allows you to join groups in order to connect with others in your profession and to those looking for information on your industry. Add value to discussions with your expert insight and opinions; make it a habit to check your LinkedIn groups periodically.


By incorporating these tips into your #DIYPR plan your business will start to stand out among the rest. Not sure how to get started? Feel free to post your questions below or contact /excelamktg for more information on our Digital PR services.

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About Amanda Goodhue

Amanda Goodhue is a native of Los Angeles, growing up in the inland valley community of Azusa where she developed her linguistic dialect to include a whole lot of  “like’s” and “OMG’s.” This valley girl headed to the beach, Cal State Long Beach that is, for her B.A. in Public Relations, and continued on to the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in LA (you know, where Lauren Conrad went?) obtaining a specialized degree in Beauty Industries Marketing and Merchandising. With positions and internships in online marketing at mark., an Avon Company, and Intelligent Beauty, she joined the /excelamktg team to spearhead digital PR services. When not browsing online all day and living vicariously through fashion bloggers, Amanda can be found relaxing at the beach, tweeting, drinking mojitos or like, shopping.

Areas of expertise:

Public Relations Strategizing, Writing, and Pitching
Targeted Brand Outreach
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Social Media and Online Marketing
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Event Management 

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